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  With sadness and tears we say goodbye to Daisy who passed away October 15, 2014. She had just turned 15 years of age. She is survived by her Westie Uncle, Jack.

Daisy was born August 22, 1999 and came to live with her human family and her Uncle Jack, who was one year and five months older than her. They became constant companions.

Daisy displayed all kinds of Westitude. She could be a little mischievous and bossy with her Uncle Jack. Right to the end of her life, she loved chasing squirrels (and other animals). She could put up a fierce bravado with other dogs many times her size. She also had no problem being assertive and letting dogs and humans, know when they were getting too familiar with her!

Daisy was a loving companion. She always had a cheerful and quizzical demeanor. She loved her belly rubs. She loved car trips. She loved her treats. She loved her memory foam mattress and her special places to sleep. She loved snuggling and sleeping with her human family members whenever she would get the chance.

Daisy you are so greatly missed. Thank you for enriching our lives in so many ways. RIP our sweet, precious, furry Angel.