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  Dollee-Mae was born August 2nd, 2005 but reborn to freedom January 15th, 2014 when rescued from a puppy mill by WIN.

She arrived at our home with her four fellow rescues to be transported on to her foster home...or so we thought! She crawled under her chair and refused to come decision ever Dollee-Mae!!

A few weeks later to our surprise we found out WIN had also rescued three little bundles of joy....Gilbert,Lacey-Mae and Berkely!

Dollee-Mae woke up every morning with a shake of her head and a wag of her little tail looking forward to another day. She enjoyed all life had to offer and even when ill, made the most of everyday. She was a happy little girl.

We will always love her and miss her and will always be thankful to WIN for rescuing her and her puppies. She is now well and happy up above with her best friend Daisy-Mae.

We will meet again. You are missed little girl & you were loved. Saying goodbye was so very hard but Sweetness how lucky we were to have known and loved you.