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  My husband and I brought Jack into our home when he was two months old, and I was dealing with the fact that I wouldn’t be having children. Jack became my baby.

He was a particularly handsome westie. He was taller than the average westie and had a beautiful face. Like our other westie Jackie, he was very sociable and loved people and dogs. He loved to be outside and walk and sniff. Even as an older dog, he and I would go on very long walks.

He kept his good looks until the end and people often mistook him for a young dog. He was also blessed with good health, although he had a sensitive stomach.

He was diagnosed with a very aggressive kind of bone cancer at the beginning of 2014, and died on March 13. We were blessed to have him for 16 years. He was a gift and will always be embedded in our hearts.
Below is Jackie and Jack cuddling!