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Jenny came to me on December 7, 2013 from Roz, a wonderful Westies in Need volunteer, in Ottawa. From the moment she climbed in the car with me and my family it was instant love.

Everyone took turns cuddling her on the 2 hour drive home. On the last leg of the trip Jenny fell asleep on my 2 year old granddaughter while she was in her car seat. They bonded right then and there and Jenny followed Abby ever where when they came to Nanny's house.

I introduced Jenny to Oscar, my 13 year that I had from 10 weeks old. Oscar was delighted. You couldn't wipe the smile off is face. From the very first night they slept together. She loved to climb up an anybody's lap.

All my friends and family have had a Jenny cuddle. Even one family member that doesn't like dogs, Jenny won her over.

Jenny loved to play with her toys...Miss Kitty was her favourite. Oscar now sleeps with Miss Kitty.

Jenny was not feeling well and we found that she had tumours in her mammory glands which had spread to her lungs. It happen a lot quicker than my vet expected.

I was told a month ago that there was nothing that could be done for her because of her age. She must have had a pretty rough life. But she certainly enjoyed her 3 months with us and we enjoyed the time with her.

She is missed terribly. I wish she could have stayed longer.