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  Kiko was born December 30th, 2002 and passed away January 21, 2015.

It was love at first site when we picked up our little man at 8 weeks old. Words cannot describe the love we feel for this beautiful little guy. Always at our side, following us, great guard dog, the best companion.

Even through two ACL surgeries throughout his years, he was always such a gentle soul. All the neighbours knew kiko and loved him.

Our family cannot see you Kiko but we can feel you in our home. Kiko passed away suddenly one afternoon when we took him to the emergency department thinking it was something he had eaten in the backyard, with his vomiting and shaking. We were deeply upset when we found out that he had cancer and was in much pain. There was nothing that could be done for our little guy. Kiko knew the family was all there with him as he wagged his tail every so slowly when we hugged him and said our good-byes.

Surrounded by all his family he passed away in the evening of January 21st. We know he is in a better place chasing squirrels and birds. He will forever and ever have a special space in our hearts and we will be together again.

We love you Kiko.