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  Scooter was the first male dog I had ever had in my life. He came to me through WIN when he was surrendered by his owners and then because his first adoptive person didn't want to be bothered with his initial health issues after just a few days of having him.

I knew when I picked him up and brought him home that he wasn't going anywhere else. Especially when Corrie told me that when he did the "Humpy Dance", it meant he really liked me.

Sweetpea adored him immediately and Chance and Winnie liked him too. Even Tictac the cat liked him, probably because he was a boy too.

Once his health issue was identified and fixed he would show me something new about his character every day. He thoroughly enjoyed his walks with Sweetpea (who could barely wait for me to put her orthotic boots on to go for a walk with him). He loved going to the soccer field and playing with all his doggie friends, big and small, he loved them all. He would do the humpy dance when he saw them coming across the field.

He was very talkative, I called him my chatty lil man.

Although I only had Scooter for a little over 4 months, due to new major health issues, he was sent over the Rainbow Bridge. He took a big chunk out of my heart and I think of him every day and always will. I know he is watching over us with Hope and JJ.