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Bess Munro, Bessie, left us on October 30 at 12 noon 2009.

Little Bessie died from kidney, why, I'll never know...I want to learn more about this and learn if it can be prevented or treated sooner.

My Bess was the sweetist little Westie girl ever....She was the runt of the litter of 6 but she had the biggest heart. She appointed herself house guardian..She always had to be first out the door to go check things out, running back and fouth along the deck to make sure it was safe for the others to come outside too.

What a Braveheart she was. Bess loved going into the bathroom and laying on the rug while I bathed.....she had a fetish that need to be filled.........she loved more than anything to lay on my wet towels and rub, rub, rub.....she was just too funny. A doggey who loves wet towels!

Bess slept on a pillow above my head and guarded me along with her mom from all things that creep in the night. More of my heart was chipped away the day Bess Munro left us.....but I know she is waiting with the rest of the Clan for us all to be reunited to never be seperated again.

Love, Granny Chaney