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It is with a sad heart that we are sending this memorial.

Westies in Need adopted our boy Charlie to us three years ago when my husband and I came to Corrie's home with our four year old Westie Brodie to pick up a sweet little Westie named Charlie who had been taken to a vet in Barrie to be put down because his family after ten or eleven years found this sweet wee Westie to be too much of an inconvenience!!

But happily Charlie found a new home with us in Kitchener!

When Charlie first arrived he was on several different medications for chronic eye, ear and stomach problems and within one month he was healthy enough to be free of all his medicines.

Charlie continued to be healthy and happy up to the last month of his passing . He died of kidney disease this past February.

Although Charlies' time with us was short we take comfort in the fact that he lived his final years in a home where he was happy and very, very much loved.

Dear sweet Charlie we will always remember you.

Walter, Georgia and wee Brodie