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Robbie was such a special Westie.

He was born on 17th January, 1999 and was adored by us from the very beginning. He was a feisty little fellow - lots of Westie attitude - but so loving and sweet at home.

Unfortunately he was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 9 yrs old but even that didn't deter him and little trooper that he was, was stoical about all the Vet visits, shots, etc. We managed to keep him stabilized for over 3 yrs but this summer things took a turn for the worse and hard as we tried, we couldn't reverse the trend.

In the end his body just started to shut down and on the 6th August, 2011 he died, peacefully, with us by his side.

We miss him so much and he has left such a big hole in our lives but we still feel very grateful for all the love and happiness he brought us.

Christine and John