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Westies in Need - WiN

Surrender: releasing a Westie to WiN

We understand it is hard to have to give up a Westie, but occasionally a change of circumstances requires you to make this difficult decision. We take in dogs that an owner surrenders so that we can find these dogs the best homes. Regardless of the reason, we are here to HELP! There is no fee to surrender your Westie.

When an owner surrenders an animal into our rescue, we are not judgmental to the factors as to why an owner would like to find an alternate home for their dog(s). We respect everyone's privacy.

In fact, we are aware that not all dogs and all people can live harmoniously within the same environment. Situations and lifestyle changes are inevitable and not everyone can care for their Westie for its entire life.

Within the comforts of our approved and private foster homes, we provide the necessary medical attention, rehabilitation, emotional support and re-training for all the dogs that come into our care. It is only then, and through careful screening, that we find loving forever homes for these delicate animals.

To download a surrender form, please click here.
There is no fee to surrender your Westie

Why choose Westies in Need over a local shelter?

Your Westie will go into a private foster home where it will be loved and cared for. The Westie will never have to spend a night in a kennel, be in danger of being euthanized, used in medical research, placed in a cage in a puppy mill or mistreated.

We carefully screen each adoption applicant and perform a home check to make sure that whoever adopts your Westie will be able to provide the proper home most suitable to its needs.

Click here and send us an e-mail if you need to surrender your Westie... we are here to help!

My rescued Westie "completes me"!!!!